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Windhoek Town

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Map of Windhoek map a

Windhoek Street Map of  Goreangab and Wanaheda


  Windhoek Suburbs

A  Gorenagab / Wanaheda

B  Katutura / Khomasdal

C  Eros / Windhoek North

D  Otjimuise

E  Dorado Park, Hochland Park, Rocky Crest

F  City Central, Windhoek West & Southern Industrial

G  Avis, Ludwigsdorf & Klein Windhoek

H  Academia, Pioneers Park

 I  Cimbebasia, Prosperita, Suiderhof

J  Aus Blick, Kleine Kuppe, Olympia


 Zoom-In Maps

Industrial Lafrenz

Industrial Northern

Industrial Prosperita

Industrial Southern

Windhoek CBD



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Windhoek Map Legend 1

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Map of Windhoek a

Windhoek Business Services

E8 Soweto Pharmacy
H8 Global Innovations
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