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Windhoek Street Name Index M thru Q

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The Map of Windhoek has been divided into map sections A thru j for ease of viewing by computer screen. The whole map of Windhoek is line-marked horizontally ( West to East) marked 1 - 17 and vertically (North to South A - X ) for ease of identifying street location. Last update 18 February 2011


Windhoek Map Pages
Windhoek Street Index Pages
A thru D E thru H I thru L M thru Q R thru Z Renamed Streets


Map Ref
Maansteen E J9
MacAdam F L14
Mackenzie G L17
Madras E K9
Madrid D I5
Maekop B F11
Magdala B F9
Magnolia B G9
Magpela B D9
Mahatma Gandhi B G10
Mahem F L12
Mahler F K13
Majorie Clark C G13
Makkabeer B D9
Makuri J P16
Malagiet E I10
Malgashof E L10
Malva B H9
Mammon B E9
Mamre B E9
Mandolin A F8
Mandume Ndemufayo F M13
Manchester D I5
Manna B E9
Mannhaim D I5
Manning F L14
Maputo A E8
Mara B E9
Maraboeweg E L10
March F I13
Marconi F L13
Margarethen G K16
Maria G J17
Marico A E8
Maritz G K16
Market B F9
Marks C E13
Markus Shiwala B E11
Marseille D I5
Marshall Rocks E K9
Marhta A G8
Mary A G8
Maseru A D8
Mataman H R12
Mathias Hoeseb B E11
Matshitshi A D6
Mattenklodt E M11
Max Eichab B E10
Maxwell H N13
Mayo E I11
Mbabane A D8
Meass B H11
Meeshof E L10
Meeuhof E L10
Mensa E K10
Meob J Q16
Mercedes B G10
Mercury E K12
Merensky F L14
Mersey A E7
Mersin A H6
Messum F M14
Metje F I15
Mexico D I5
Michaelangelo F E11
Michaelis G M18
Michael Scott F K14
Michelle Mclean I R13
Middlewick C H13
Midrid D I7
Miems A H8
Mika Shimbuli B E11
Mirre B E9
Mission G K17
Missouri A D7
Moab B E9
Modane J N16
Moganedi Tlabanello B F10
Mokke F J15
Molopo A E7
Moltke F J14
Monica A E7
Monrovia B D9
Mont Blanc F I14
Monte Christo A D7
Mossiehof E L10
Mooi B D9
More B D10
Moria B D9
Moses Garoeb A H6
Moses Tjitendero J O16
Mostert E M12
Mountain E J10
Mowe J P17
Mozart F K13
Mu Greef B H11
Mudorib H R13
Muisvoel E I9
Mukorob J Q16
Munchen D I5
Mungunda B F9
Munjuku Nguvauva B F10
Musiek Square A F8
Mushimba A D7


Map Ref
Naghtigal F L13
Nagasaki D I6
Naguil B H9
Nairobi A D8
Nami J P16
Namutoni B E11
Nante D I5
Nasarener B D10
Nasaret B F10
Nasmith F M13
Nauchab A E5
Naukluft H R13
Naute C H14
Nebo B D10
Nelson Mandela F I14
Netbal I O16
New York D I5
Newcastle C E12
Newton F L14
Ngami F I14
Nickel H Q13
Niger A E8
Nikanor Shikuambi B E11
Nile A D8
Nineve D B10
Nipele I S12
Nissen-Lass H N11
Nkana B D11
Nobel F M13
Nomab I Q15
Nomtsaub B D11
Nordland B D11
Noreen G J18
Nossob C H14
Nottingham D I5
Nourek A E5
Numeri B F9


Map Ref
Oanob A D6
Obib C H15
Odila H R13
Ohio A E8
Okandondu A E7
Okapi B E10
Okaramba I R14
Okarundu A E8
Okavango F I15
Okerfontein I Q15
Okombahe B E11
Okomiza I R13
Okondeka I R15
Okonguarri C H15
Okuli B E11
Okuvare A E8
Olga G K18
Olivien E J9
Olof Palme C G15
Olpp F J15
Olushandja A D5
Olsler F I13
Olyfberg B E10
Omajenni A E6
Omaruru C H14
Omatako F I15
Omatjene I R14
Ombandje B D10
Ombika I Q15
Omboma B D9
Omega A G8
Omenye B E10
Omeva A E8
Omicron A G8
Omongo A E8
Omupopo A F7
Omurunga B D10
Omuhongo B D9
Omukaru B D9
Omungondo B D9
Omutula A D7
Omuzeme B D9
Onaries H R12
Ondondu A F7
Ondongab I Q15
Ondangaura H R13
Ondondu A E8
Ondou B D11
Ondoto B D10
Ondundu A F7
Onganga B D10
Ongava B D10
Ongeyama B D10
Ongwe B D10
Oniks E J10
Onyati B D10
Ooievaar F I12
Opaal C G15
Oponono J Q16
Oranje F I15
Orawab H R12
Orban F K15
Oribi B D9
Orleans D I5
Orion B E10
Oriole E K11
Orinoco A E8
Orlado B D11
Orusu B D9
Oryx I N14
Osaka D I7
Osjikere A E8
Osler F I13
Oslo D I7
Osprey E L11
Ossmann F I14
Ottawa A H7
Otjihaavera H R12
Otjikoto I R15
Otjinjange I R13
Otjiseru H R12
Otjivero J Q16
Otjomuise A E7
Otjomukaru H R12
Otjosondjou I R13
Otto Nitzsche G K16
Otto Schimming B F10
Ouebec D I5
Oulu D J6
Outeniqua C H14
Ovitoto A D5


Map Ref
P. Danilowitz I O15
Pabst E M10
Palgrave G L18
Palm I N14
Palma C H14
Palmer H N10
Palomar H N10
Panjuad A E5
Papageien F L12
Papaja B E12
Papawer B G9
Parana A D8
Paris D I7
Park F J14
Parkiethof E L10
Parsival H N13
Parsons F M13
Pascal H P12
Pasteur F J13
Patmos B D10
Patryshof E L10
Patterson F J10
Paul Ehrlich B D11
Paul Mogagabe B E11
Paul Nash I O15
Paul Van Hartes E I10
Pavlov F J13
Pavo E J10
Pelican E K10
Penelope A D6
Penning B E10
Perel C H15
Perkin F N13
Perlhuhn E L10
Perseus E J11
Perske B E12
Perry F L14
Peter  Nanyemba B F10
Petrel A H8
Petronella A G8
Pettenkofer F I13
Pfohl E M10
Philadelphia D I5
Phillip Turimei B F10
Pienaar E M11
Pietersen B H11
Pinguinweg E L11
Pinguin E L11
Pipit Court E L10
Pison B E11
Plaatjes B H11
Planck F L13
Platium H R13
Plato H O12
Plover D I8
Pont E M10
Pluto B D10
Pomonia E K9
Pond B G11
Pongola A E8
Popa J P16
Portia G J18
Porland D I5
Port-Louis D I8
Possesion E K9
Post F K13
Potgieter H N12
Potomac A E7
Pou E I9
Pretoria A D8
Pretorius E N12
Pricilla A E7
Princesspalm E I11
Principe E K9
Prinsloo H N11
Prinz Hubertus F L14
Promenaden F I14
Pronkertjie B H9
Protea B H9
Pruim B E12
Psalm B E10
Puccini F K13
Pullman C H13
Purcell F K12



Map Ref
Quail E K11
Quenta G K17
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