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All the Namibia Maps you need. Accurate Digital Maps of Namibia Roads and Towns updated in cooperation with the local authorities.

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Windhoek Street Name Index A thru D

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The Map of Windhoek has been divided into map sections A thru j for ease of viewing by computer screen. The whole map of Windhoek is line-marked horizontally ( West to East) marked 1 - 17 and vertically (North to South A - X ) for ease of identifying street location. Last update 25 March 2013


Windhoek Map Pages
Windhoek Street Index Pages
A thru D E thru H I thru L M thru Q R thru Z  


Previously Named: Map Ref   Renamed To: Map Ref
Attie Potgieter B E11   Willibald Kapuenene B E11
Ausspannplatz Garten F L14   Dr Agostino Neto F L14
Auswats Street F K13   Fidel Castro F K13
Central Avenue B G10   Shanghai B G10
Charl Marais Street H O11   Hendrik Witbooi Drive H O11
Curt Van Francois D J9   Sam Nujoma Avenue D J9
De Jager Street C G15   Olof Palme C G15
Duiker Street B F9   Dassie Street B F9
Erf 2 Dorado Park E I11   Evergreen E I11
Fanie Du Plessis I P14   Sean Mcbride I P14
Gamsberg Road Avenue F M13   Mandume Ndemufayo F M13
Gold Street I R13   Michelle Mclean I R13
Goring Street F J14   Daniel Munamava F J14
Hochland Road E L9   David Hosea Meroro E L9
Hostel Street B H11   Hans-Diestrich Genscher B H11
Jaguar Street B G10   Shanghai B G10
Jeans Street I N13   Aviation I N13
Joan Harrison F L14   Robert Mugabe Avenue F L14
Kaiser Street A E8   Independence Avenue A E8
Kalk Street F K14   Dr . A. B. May F K14
Keikebusch Estate G K16   Estate G K16
Klein Windhoekweg F I14   Nelson Mandela F I14
Knudsen Street I O15   Frank Fredericks Drive I O15
Krupp Street F M14   Andimba Toivo Ya Toinvo F M14
Leutwein Street F L14   Robert Mugabe Avenue F L14
Lichtenstein Street I P14   Wika Drive I P14
Louis Botha Street F K13   Axali Doeseb F K13
Malcom Spence Street J O16   Moses Tjitendero J O16
Neser Street F K14   Rev Michael Scott F K14
New Street F I15   Willi Giess F I15
New Street F I15   Luketz Swartbooi Drive F I15
New Street B G10   Daniel Tjongarero B G10
Okahandja Road C E13   Hosea Kutako Drive C E13
Omuramba Road C H14   Gen. Murtala Muhammed Ave C H14
Omuzu Street B D9   Omuzeme B D9
Ongeama Street I S13   Fumbe I S13
Oripn Street E K11   Andromeda Street E K11
Otjivero Street I R14   Amsas I R14
Paul Kruger Street G L18   Christa Davids G L18
Perset Street B G10   Mahatma Gandhi B G10
Pionier Road H N10   Bernt Carlsson Road H N10
Pool Street B H11   Hans - Diestrich Gencher B H11
Poplulier Street J N16   Laurent Desire Kabila J N16
Pnt of Sanderburgstreet Frieden F L15   Anton Lubowski F L15
Rand Street B H11   Hans - Dietrich Genscher B H11
Reginald Walker Street J O16 Jason Hamutenya Ndadi J O16
Sabbat Street B E10   Clemence Kapuuo B E10
St. Moritz Street B F10   Peter Nanyamba B F10
Sterling Street B G10   Mahatma Gandhi B G10
Subdivision of Erf  41 Okuryangava B D10   Okondjou, Ongandu, Ongeyama B D10
Tal Street F M13   Mandume Ndemufayo F M13
Trinitatis Street B E11   Paul Mogagabe B E11
Tv More F L13   Hosea Kutako Drive F L13


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