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Maps of Namibia. Accurate Digital street Map of Windhoek version 2013 updated in cooperation with the local authorities.

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Map of Windhoek

Windhoek Street Map 2013



The Map of Windhoek 2013 has been presented in 10 sections sized for convenient viewing on the average computer screen. The project is on-going and regular visitors to the site will have noticed the updating and upgrading of the maps. We welcome constructive criticism, comments and suggestions for where improvements can be made.


  Quick and Easy Navigation  Each page is equipped with:

  • A Quick Navigation Panel, as seen below, with hot-spot links to the map page you want.

  • Alternative Navigation Buttons above and below the Map Images
Sample of Navigation Buttons
  • Hotspots to expanded map views of Windhoek City Central Business District with places of interest, and the Industrial Estates.
  • Distance Scale, Street Name Index and also a conversion chart of renamed streets

Quick Navigation Panel

  Windhoek Suburbs

A  Gorenagab / Wanaheda

B  Katutura / Khomasdal

C  Eros / Windhoek North

D  Otjimuise

E  Dorado Park, Hochland Park, Rocky Crest

F  City Central, Windhoek West & Southern Industrial

G  Avis, Ludwigsdorf & Klein Windhoek

H  Academia, Pioneers Park

 I  Cimbebasia, Prosperita, Suiderhof

J  Aus Blick, Kleine Kuppe, Olympia


Zoom-In Maps

Industrial Lafrenz

Industrial Northern

Industrial Prosperita

Industrial Southern

Windhoek CBD








Navigation: Above each map there is a block of navigation buttons. You can easily and quickly move to the adjoining pages by clicking these. There is an alternative navigation method below each map where there is a table of text links to the full set of Windhoek. The map sections have an index grid. The grids are identified by the use of letters A – O horizontally and numbers 1 – 12 vertically. If you know the name of a Windhoek street you can easily find the location. For example: Aand St is referenced H10. You can quickly move to the correct map section by using the page continuation buttons to navigate to the appropriate grid.



Windhoek Street Map 2013




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