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Maps of Walvis Bay: Street Index

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Walvis Bay Map
8th St B2   1st Rd A6   H     P    
10th St B2   2nd Rd A4   Hanna Mupetani B2   Patrysberg C7  
12th St C2   3rd Rd B6   Hernrich Baumann A3   Peter Mjeshihange C5  
16th St C3   4th Rd A6   Hertz C4   Piet// Heibeb C4  
      5th Rd B6   Hidipo Hamutenya Drv C3   Protea A1  
1st St East A3   6th Rd B5   Hoogenhout C3   Protea C6  
2nd St East A3   7th Rd B5   Horse C3   Putch Harries C4  
3rd St East A3   8th Rd B5              
4th St East B3   9th Rd B5   J     R    
5th St East B3   10th Rd B4   Jacob Ingo C4   Railway B3  
      11th Rd B4   John Newham A3   Riebeeck C7  
6th St East C7   12th Rd B4   Jonh Mufangejo C4   Rikumbi Kandanga B4  
1st St North C7   14th Rd B3   Jonker Afrikaner C2   Robert Forbes C6  
2nd St North C7   15th Rd B3         Rooibank C2  
3rd St North C7   16th Rd C3   K          
4th St North C7   17th Rd B3   Kakuva C4   S    
11th St North C7         Kort Temple C7   Sam Nujoma B1  
      A     Kunene C7   Scheppmann B6  
4th St South C7   Atlantic A6   L     Shosho C6  
6th St South B6   Albert Einstein C3   Lagoon B6   Simon Luanda C5  
7th St South C7         Levi Nathaniel A3   Sir Isaac Newton C3  
      B           Sister Olman C3  
2nd St West A6   Ben Amadhila A1   M     Sport C3  
3rd St West A6         Main C7   State House Crescent C5  
4th St West B6   C     Marconi C4   Station B3  
5th St West B6   Circumferental B2   Morgenschweiss C3        
6th St West B6   Civic Centre C4   Moses Garoeb C3   T    
7th St West C7   Conradie C4   Muldene A2   Tecomaria C6  
8th St West B6   Cyril Femandez C4   Mungunda C6   Temuti Hermes C3  
9th St West B6               Theo Ben Gurirab B3  
      D     N     Tom Swemmer C5  
      Drommedaries C7   Nangolo Mbumba B3   Tuna B2  
            Neate C3        
      E     New Western A1   U    
      Esplanade A6   Nossob C5   Union C4  
      Etosha C7              
      F     Oasis B6        
      Frederik Khaxab C5   Omarongu C6        
            Omwandi C6        
      G     Otuu C6        
      Gamsberg C2   Overstone B2        
      Gauss C3              
      Gobabeb C2              
      Grand B2              
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