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Swakopmund Street Index



We've compiled for you the most convenient to to use set of Swakopmund maps available to date. Alongside you'll find listed the various business services offered from accommodation, car rental to welding and construction with active links to all the companies listed.

Swakop Town Map1 Swakop Town Map 2 Swakop Town Map 3 Swakop CBD Industrial Area 1 Industrial Area 2 Swakop River Plots


13th C9   E     M     S    
14th C9   Emerald B5   Makriel B8   Sam Nujoma A11  
1st Ave B8   Ernst Baumgart A10   Malven B5   Saphir B5  
2nd Ave B8   Ernst Konnecke C4   Mandume Ya Ndemufayo B10   Schachter A10  
      Estorff B11   Maple C6   Schwester Frieda B7  
A           Marigold C5   Scultetus B8  
Acacia C5   F     Marine B8   Sea Horse A1  
Agaat B6   Ferd Stich B11   Maritz C7   Seeadler B7  
Agapanthus C5   Fischreiner B7   Marshall A8   Shearwater A5  
Albatros B6   Flamingo B6   Mc Hugh B10   Silver C7  
Alddridge B7   Foxglove C6   Mayer L C8   Sinden Laan C8  
Aloe B5   Francois B11   Monotoka C6   Smaragd C7  
Ametis B5   Franke C7   Moses // Garoeb A9   Smith C9  
Anenome C5   Franziska Van Nel C7   Mowen B7   Snapdragon C5  
Anton Lubowski A11   Freesia C5         Sphinx B8  
Aquamarine B6   Fuchsia C6   N     Starfish Q1  
Aragonit B6         Namib C11   Strandlopertjie B7  
Arandis C11   G     Nathaniel Maxulili B12   Sudstrand A12  
Aukas C11   Gamet C7   Nelken B5   Swakop A12  
Azalia C5   Geranium C6   Nesser A10        
      Goud C8   Nonidas C11   T    
B     Gousbion C6         Tansanite A5  
Backer A10         O     Theo Ben Gurirab A11  
Baumgarten C8   H     Ocks Laan C8   Tobias Hainyeko A10  
Begoma C5   Hafer A10   Offen B10   Topaas B5  
Bemstein A5   Hajo Bauer B8   Omeg C6   Trekkopje C11  
Berg A10   Harder B7   Onyx B5   Tsavorite B5  
Bismarck A11   Haupt Laan C8   Opaal C6   Tumalin B5  
Brockerhoff C8   Helioder B5   Otavi B11        
      Hendrik Witbooi A11   Oyster Q1   U    
C     Heuschneider B10         Ugab B8  
Calendula C5   Hidipo Hamutenya B10   P          
Carration C5   Hoogenhout C7   Pansy C5   V    
Cineraria C5         Papaver C6   Vrede Rede B8  
Columbine C5   I     Pelikan B6   Vygie B5  
Cosmos C6   Iris C6   Penguin B7        
            Petunia C5   W    
D     J     Phillip C10   Wasserfall B11  
Daffodil C6   Japonica C6   Plaath Laan C8   Waterbank C11  
Dahlia C5         Platinum C8   Watt B10  
Daniel Tjongarero A11   K     Plover A5   Welwitschia B9  
Davies B8   Kameol B6   Plum Pudding Island A6   Werft A10  
Delphinium C5   Khan C11   Possession Island B6   Windhoek B11  
Diamond B6   Kiebitz B7         Woermann A11  
Dianthus C6   Kolonnen B10   Q- -   Work B8  
Doctors A11   Kormoran B6              
Dolphin A1   Kraal A10   R     Z    
Dr Boss B8   Kuhnhast B7   Rakotoka C9   Zypresson C5  
Dr Eugene Muller C5   Kurze A10   Rhidodendron C5        
Dr Koch A10   Kwarts C8   Rhode Alee A12        
Dr Schwetering B5   Kwikstertjie C7   Riesle B8        
Du Plessis C8         Rittersporn C5        
Dunenweg A10   L     River C11        
Dusch C10   Leutwein B11   River Side C11        
Ebony C11   Libertina Amathiala B11   Robert Blank B8        
      Limpet Ln A2   Roder B8        
      Lobster Ln Q1   Rose C6        
      Lubbert B11   Rosnquart B5        
      Luderitz B11   Rossing C11        
      Lumen B7   Ruby B6        
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