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Namibia Maps Tour Route 9 Routes from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Windhoek



Routes from Cape & Johannesburg to Windhoek

Cape Town Highway System

Botswana, Namibia, South African Routes Map Cape Town Peninsular

Route  N7 + B1 Keetmanshoop / Cape Town

STrip Map Cape Town Keetmanshoop

Getting Out of Cape Town:  It's a 1500km drive from Cape Town to Windhoek, and the most stressful stretch of the road is 'Getting out of Cape Town'. This is a beautiful city and has a good freeway system. However, there are certain factors you should consider. If this is your first visit to South Africa, you will be driving on the left-hand side of the road and there will be quite a few unfamiliar road signs. Driving standards are relatively poor by 1st world measures, and often aggressive. You know that when travelling on freeways and approaching your designated exit you must get into the correct lane well in advance in order to avoid being trapped in the ongoing traffic streams. Look for the Milnerton exit. The signs to the N7 are good, so get prepared. South Africa is the car Hi-Jack centre of the world - you must not pull over onto the hard shoulder, especially if driving on the N2 that runs between Cape Town and Somerset-West.

To Piekenaarskloof: Once you are clear of Cape Town you can settle down on the long road north.  You will cut across the Swartland. There's a good "Padstal" (roadside shop) near Picketberg where you can buy the local dried fruit and nuts and Swartland wines. About 170km out you will climb up Piekenaarskloof. The view looking backwards towards Cape Town is awesome, so if you have chance to pull over into one of the small lay-byes near the top, do so, and try to imagine the early Trek-Boers with their ox-wagons, sometimes having more than 30 oxen in harness, labouring their way up a narrow mountain-side pass and you'll get a bit of an understand as to why the Afrikaners are so passionate about South Africa, their pioneer history, and the roll they played in developing this beautiful and rugged country.


To Clan William and the Dam: The drive then takes you through the citrus fruit growing area with vast irrigation schemes and the Sederberg Mountains to the east. About 225km out and you drop down towards ClanWilliam where one of the great dams that supply Cape Town's water is situated. The area is a favourite with Capetonians and very picturesque, and there is a resort and camping areas by the lake.


To Vanrhynsdorp and the Matzikama:  About 300km out and you arrive at Vanrhynsdorp, a small roadside town over which looms the massive Matzikama Mountain. The landscape running north of here is a barren pebble strewn plain known as the Knersvlakte (the gnashing plains).


To Springbok and the Border: About 560kms out and you arrive at Springbok. You will have noticed the rise in temperature, and now you are ready fro the long road that drops down towards the Orange River and the Border with Namibia. Vioolsdrif is a small settlement on the south side  of the river, while opposite in Namibia lays Noordoewer. The road sign sign 'tells' you it's another 825km to Windhoek.


Personal Safety Info


 Windhoek to Jhbg/Pretoria via Botswana

Strip Map Pretoria to Gobabis via Trans Kalahari Highway

There are 2 preferred routes, both having advantages and disadvantages.

The Kalahari Highway, distance Pretoria to Windhoek about 1320kms

The route via Upington, distance Pretoria to Windhoek about 1831kms.

Many local drivers, particularly business travellers prefer to drive the longer distance route via Upington, as the journey can take less time than taking the Botswana route, owing to the fact one can drive faster and possibly more safely as the Botswana roads are notorious for having livestock wandering across them.

The Upington route can be driven during hours of darkness.


Getting Out of Johannesburg: The freeway system in and around Johannesburg is busy, and you are especially advised to avoid the business rush hour traffic. The driving habits of the locals is fast and aggressive. If you haven't got a map of the Cities you are visiting you are strongly advised to get one up-front and thus pre-plan the routes you will be taking. If you have a travelling partner with you who can act as a good navigator, you should work together as a team. You should plan to access the N14 Freeway that runs south-west to Potchefstroom. The road signs are good, but you must position yourself in the correct traffic lane as soon as possible to avoid getting boxed into the wrong lane by other fast moving vehicles. The Golden Rule is Do Not Get Lost and pull over to the side of the road to ask directions. Never allow a group of people to surround your car when you stop.


Johannesburg to Upington: It's nearly 800kms from Johannesburg to Upington and most locals make this in one day. Upington Has good accommodation, and there's the Island resort in the middle of the Orange River with chalets and camping areas. In the mid-summer months it can reach 40c at Upington while cold winter nights see temperatures well below 0c. The route is well signed.


Upington to Nakop / Ariamsvlei: It's a further 130km to the Border Posts. Delays at the Immigration and Customs posts can be expected if you are travelling during peak Southern-African holiday season. Your personal travel documents must comply with Namibian requirements, plus your vehicle documentation.


Ariamsvlei / Grunau and the south of Namibia: If you haven't made a previous visit to the Fish River Canyon in the south of Namibia this could be a matter for consideration. It is the second largest canyon in the world, after Arizona's Grand Canyon. At the southern end of the Fish River Canyon is the Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort. Here you can soak in the thermal pools and relax away all of those travel tensions.



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