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Namibia Maps Tour Route 5


  Introduction:  The below is planned to guide you along one of the the more popular tour routes allowing you access to the main attractions of the country.  We have arranged the tour giving a choice of time-frames, as this often is a limiting factor as to how long and how far you can go, and how much you want to spend. You can study the various routes and options and with this information you will be able to plan a schedule that will allow you to get the best value for your tour. You are welcome to email us with questions, requests, comments and suggestions for improvement. It is only by understanding your needs that we will be able to improve our service.


  Windhoek to Solitaire to Sesriem / Sossusvlei to Walvis Bay to Swakopmund

  8 Day Self Drive Tour: 

Should you want to visit all of the attraction points on this route we consider a 5 day tour to be the minimum practical time frame, but extra days can be added to suite your personal schedule. The route makes use of tarred and gravel roads in a ratio of about 15 / 85.  You should estimate about 900 km driving. The distances indicated in the side able do not include around town and detour driving.

Day 1 is counted as the day you arrive Windhoek Airport and...

Day 7 is counted as the day you depart  Swakopmund.

Day 1: arrive Windhoek Airport. Collect vehicle, drive to accommodation and book in.  You have the options of self guiding in Windhoek or taking a half-day guided tour. For the following attractions you should minimum time budget:  Some tourists prefer to leave their  Windhoek site-seeing until the end of their tour when they return to Windhoek. This 13 day tour allows you time for some relaxation from the driving and affords you more time to appreciate the beauty of the attractions.  overnight Windhoek

Day 2: Drive the B1 to Rehoboth. Then drive the C24 to Solitaire. (+-261km / 3,5hr) overnight BullsPort / Naukluft Mountains area

Day 3. Stay on Guest Farm at BullsPort / Naukluft Mountains. Options: relaxing, 4x4 track & trail, hiking, mountain-biking, nature watch.

Day 4. Stay on Guest Farm and enjoy your stay. Early night in bed ready for:

Day 5. Early morning visit to Sossusvlei Dune Complex.  Afternoon visit Sesriem Canyon. overnight Sossusvlei area or Solitaire.

Day 6. Drive the C14 to Walvis Bay and (+-235km / 4hrs) overnight Swakopmund.

Day 7. Depart Swakopmund

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Gravel Road Driving: Some tourists prefer to rent sedan cars, but for long distance driving on gravel roads you should consider the usability of the more robust 2x4 pick-up trucks and 4x4 pick-up trucks having their load boxes fitted with canopies. For added security of your luggage etc. it is preferable that the canopy be of the enclosed steel or aluminium type with no windows. We recommend you carry emergency supplies of: extra fuel. in Jerry-Cans, a minimum of 15lt of drinking water, food supplies, an emergency medical kit.


Route 5 Windhoek  - Solitaire - Naukluft -Sesriem & Sossusvlei - Solitaire - Walvis Bay - Swakopmund

Map of Namibia Tour Route 5


Walvis Bay



Windhoek & District Attractions
Windhoek Accommodation Windhoek Tours Map of Windhoek Windhoek City

Windhoek Independence Avenue


Windhoek is possibly the most attractive capital city on the African continent having a population of about 200,00, which is small in comparison to the sprawling metropolises of Pretoria or Lusaka, but Windhoek has its' own unique character. The road system is well signed and easy to navigate. Clean streets with groomed gardens, bistro cafes, modern shopping malls, good restaurants and modern hotels. The country's official language is English. However, Afrikaans and German are spoken almost everywhere. You need a 1 day stay-over here

Windhoek Alte Feste National Museum The Alte Feste is located on Robert Mugabe Avenue and overlooks the city. This old German Fort now houses the Namibia National Museum. Highly recommended. The exhibits include archive photos from the Herero Uprising of 1904, the history of the final liberation struggle, the United Nations Transitional Period (1989-1990), Namibia's first democratic election. Time budget 1hr
Windhoek Geological Survey Museum "Massospondylus ex Waterberg" The Geological Survey Museum is located in the Ministry of Mines and Energy building situated in Aviation Rd. This is near Eros Suburban Airport and directly opposite the Safari Hotel Complex. The museum is not well advertised or known of, but is well worth a visit. Here you can see a fascinating display of Namibia's Geological wonders, including the remainder of the Gibeon Meteorites. The exhibition of dinosaur fossils and Massospondylus seen at the left. Time budget 1hr
Windhoek, Section of Gibeon Meteorite in POst Street Mall In the Post Street shopping mall, right in the centre of town, is where you can see the display of 32 of the Gibeon Meteorites. This is the largest shower of extra terrestrial bodies known to have landed on the earth. The meteorites have a high nickel content and one  has been sliced in half, so you can see the shiny stainless-steel like interior: Time budget 10min
Windhoek, Heroes Acre Namibia's National Monument to Heroes and Heroines of the Freedom Struggle Heroes' Acre is a National Heritage Site and is located about 5km south of the city on the B1. Namibia was under occupation by foreign colonial forces from 1884 to 1990 and this is our National Memorial to the Heroes and Heroines who struggled and fought for our Independence, which was finally achieved on 21 March 1990. The guided tours are most informative, and a visit here will give you a better appreciation of beautiful Namibia and its people. Time budget  2hr
BullsPort / Naukluft Mountains / Solitaire / Sesriem - Sossusvlei
Solitaire Accommodation Solitaire    
Naukluft Mountains Namibia BullsPort & Naukluft Mountains are one of the most picturesque areas in Namibia and is overlooked by the majority of tourists who scurry past on their way to Sossusvlei. This is a pristine area for those interested in magnificent scenery, fascinating geology, exotic plants, birds and wildlife and home to the Hartmann's Zebra. There are guest farms having some of the best hiking, mountain-bike and 4x4 trails in Africa. And, for those who just want to get away from it all and soak up the vast and rugged wilderness.    Direction Map
My mate at the Tropic of Capricorn Solitaire. OK, it's a photo of my mate standing at   36  the Tropic of Capricorn.  I know most tourists travelling the C14 also think this is a cool place to snap a holiday picture. It's a pretty remote place and when you reach the tiny settlement at Solitaire you can tank-up with fuel for your truck, and then sample some of the Moose's renowned Apple Pie that is served without cream. Thinks !! nobody ever mentions the heavyweight bread this guy bakes.    Direction Map
Sesriem Canyon Namibia  39   Sesriem is where the entrance gate, offices and camp are located. The park gates are open between sunrise and sunset with a lunch break 13h00 to 14h00. About 4.5km from the complex is the Sesriem Canyon. 2 million years ago a great ice-age spread across the northern hemisphere and caused the world's ocean levels to drop. The increased flow rate of the Tsauchab River carved through the sedimentary layers and formed the canyon. Time budget 1hr+     Direction Map
Deadvlei part of the Sossusvlei complex  40   The Sossusvlie Dune Complex  is a 65km drive west from Sesriem. It is a spectacular dune area. It is advisable to make your tour of the dunes early, as the mid-day temperatures can be above 40c. Always carry enough water with you and appropriate clothing with a hat or cap for your head. It is a 1km hike to the dead vlei, so a good pair of hiking boots will be needed. Sand temperatures can get to 70c 5hr

Time budget 4hr+     Direction Map


Swakopmund Accommodation Swakopmund Tours Map Swakopmund Swakopmund


Swakopmund, the Mole and Lighthouse


There's plenty to do and see in and around Swakopmund. Unless you have been here before, and  within the past ten years, you need to plan a three day minimum stay to make your visit worthwhile. Swakopmund is fully geared up to make your stay a pleasurable and interesting one, plus there's plenty of activities, such as sky-diving, camel riding, horse riding, hot air ballooning etc. It's all here.

 Attractions for this area can be accessed from links on the Swakopmund pages    more

Walvis Bay
Walvis Bay Accommodation Walvis Bay Tours Map of Walvis Bay Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay Inner Lagoon with Flamingos


Walvis Bay is Namibia's Premier Port and centre of our fishing industry, but this town has also geared up for tourism. The Wetland Bird Reserve is home to about 60,000 of Southern Africa's Flamingos. The Lagoon has proved itself to be one of the best places in the world for speed wind & Kite surfing with many records captured here. Take a  Dolphin & Seal cruises in the lagoon and get served some of the locally grown Oysters with champagne.     Attractions for this area can be accessed from links on the Walvis Bay pages    more


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