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Namibia Maps Tour Route 4



 Introduction:   Some of you have asked for the route along the Skeleton Coast Road C34.  The road is quite desolate and by taking this route you will miss the White Lady of Brandberg Bushman rock art. There is an informative page about the C34 road on our Namibia-1on1 site. There are also Park Entry Fees Payable should you take this route.


The good news about this route is that when you exit the park at the northern gate at Sprigbokwasser, you are in the mountainous region of Damaraland, which is one of the most remote, rugged and impressively picturesque areas of Namibia. By driving the C39 east the tour then guides you to the attractions in the Twyfelfontein / Khorixas areas and then on to Etosha entering the park near to the Okaukuejo Resort.


  Windhoek to Etosha top Twyfelfontein to Skeleton Coast Road to Swakpmund

  14 to 16 day Self-Drive Tour:

Should you want to visit all of the attraction points on this route we consider a 14 day tour to be the minimum practical time frame, but extra days can be added to suite your personal schedule. The route makes use of tarred and gravel roads in a ratio of about 40 / 60. There is a lot to do and see and you should estimate about 2000 km driving. The distances indicated in the side table do not include around town and detour driving.

Day 01 is counted as the day you arrive Windhoek Airport and...

Day 14 is counted as the day you depart  Windhoek Airport.

If adding extra days:

1 day we recommend you extend your stay at the Etosha

2 day we recommend you extend your stay at Twyfelfontein

Day 1: Arrive Windhoek Airport. Collect vehicle, drive to accommodation and book in.  You have the options of self guiding in Windhoek or taking a half-day guided tour.  Some tourists prefer to leave their  Windhoek site-seeing until the end of their tour when they return to Windhoek.  overnight Windhoek

Day 2: Drive to (+- 92km / 1,5hr) Okahandja with a relaxing stay-over and overnight Gross Barmen Resort

Day 3: Drive to (+- 210km / 2,5hr) Waterberg Plateau Resort, overnight Waterberg Resort

Day 4: Visit Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch. Drive to Otavi - Grootfontein and visit the Hoba Meteorite (optional - Gaub Cave). Driving distances (+-380km 8hr including site-seeing time)  overnight Tsumeb

Day 5: Visit Tsumeb Museum, Lake Otjikoto arriving in Etosha, Driving distances (+- 140km 4hr including site-seeing time) overnight Namutoni.

Day 6: In Etosha overnight Okaukuejo for night time game viewing at waterhole.

Day 7: Depart Etosha mid-morning. Drive to (+-220km 3hr) and  overnight Vingerklip

Day 8: Drive to Petrified Forest, Twyfelfontein area, (+- 180km / 6hr including site-seeing) organ pipes, burnt mountain. overnight Twyfelfontein

Day 9:  Early Visit of Twyfelfontein area. Depart mid-morning, Drive C39 into Skeleton Coast Park. Drive C34 to Cape Cross (+- 370km / 6hr) overnight Cape Cross (or Henties Bay)

Day 11: Depart Cape Cross, Henties Bay Swakopmund afternoon. (+-110km / 2hr) overnight Swakopmund

Day 11: Dolphin Cruise morning tour, Walvis Bay Wetlands , overnight Swakopmund

Day 12: Living Desert morning tour,  afternoon Museum, Aquarium, and town, overnight Swakopmund

Day 13: Moon Landscape and Welwitschia  Drive morning tour, afternoon  Crystal Gallery etc. overnight Swakopmund

Day 14: Morning drive to Windhoek and airport (+- 403km / 5hr). Depart Windhoek

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We will soon be adding the tour routes to Palmwag / Sesfontein /Opuwo / Epupa etc.


Gravel Road Driving: Some tourists prefer to rent sedan cars, but for long distance driving on gravel roads you should consider the usability of the more robust 2x4 pick-up trucks and 4x4 pick-up trucks having their load boxes fitted with canopies. For added security of your luggage etc. it is preferable that the canopy be of the enclosed steel or aluminium type with no windows. We recommend you carry emergency supplies of: extra fuel. in Jerry-Cans, a minimum of 15lt of drinking water, food supplies, an emergency medical kit.


Route 4 - Windhoek -  Etosha - Twyfelfontein - Skeleton Coast Road - Swakopmund

Map of Namibia Tour Route 4


260 via Twyfel
C34/C39 Junct
Henties Bay




Windhoek & District Attractions
Windhoek Accommodation Windhoek Tours Map of Windhoek Windhoek City


Windhoek Independence Avenue


Windhoek is possibly the most attractive capital city on the African continent having a population of about 200,00, which is small in comparison to the sprawling metropolises of Pretoria or Lusaka, but Windhoek has its' own unique character. The road system is well signed and easy to navigate. Clean streets with groomed gardens, bistro cafes, modern shopping malls, good restaurants and modern hotels. The country's official language is English. However, Afrikaans and German are spoken almost everywhere. You need a 1 day stay-over here.

Windhoek Alte Feste National Museum The Alte Feste is located on Robert Mugabe Avenue and overlooks the city. This old German Fort now houses the Namibia National Museum. Highly recommended. The exhibits include archive photos from the Herero Uprising of 1904, the history of the final liberation struggle, the United Nations Transitional Period (1989-1990)Namibia's first democratic election. Time budget 1hr
Windhoek Geological Survey Museum "Massospondylus ex Waterberg" The Geological Survey Museum is located in the Ministry of Mines and Energy building situated in Aviation Rd. This is near Eros Suburban Airport and directly opposite the Safari Hotel Complex. The museum is not well advertised or known of, but is well worth a visit. Here you can see a fascinating display of Namibia's Geological wonders, including the remainder of the Gibeon Meteorites. The exhibition of dinosaur fossils and Massospondylus seen at the left. Time budget 1hr 
Windhoek, Section of Gibeon Meteorite in POst Street Mall In the Post Street shopping mall, right in the centre of town, is where you can see the display of 32 of the Gibeon Meteorites. This is the largest shower of extra terrestrial bodies known to have landed on the earth. The meteorites have a high nickel content and one  has been sliced in half, so you can see the shiny stainless-steel like interior: Time budget 10min
Windhoek, Heroes Acre Namibia's National Monument to Heroes and Heroines of the Freedom Struggle Heroes' Acre is a National Heritage Site and is located about 5km south of the city on the B1. Namibia was under occupation by foreign colonial forces from 1884 to 1990 and this is our National Memorial to the Heroes and Heroines who struggled and fought for our Independence, which was finally achieved on 21 March 1990. The guided tours are most informative, and a visit here will give you a better appreciation of beautiful Namibia and its people. Time budget  2hr
Okahandja District Attractions
Okahandja Accommodation Map of Okahandja Okahandja  
Gross Barmen Hot Springs Indoor Thermal Pool The Gross Barmen Hot Springs Resort is located about 25km west of Okahandja. The mineral rich thermal waters that bubble up from deep within the earth are said to have therapeutic values. The complex makes for a relaxing stay-over. The indoor thermal pool waters are maintained at 38-40c. The outdoor thermal pool has a temperature of about 30c. There are accommodation facilities including camp sites, shop, restaurant, bar etc. 
Herero Day Parade Herero Day at Okahandja is usually celebrated on the nearest Sunday to the 23 August and commemorates the day on which the Herero Chief Samuel Maharero was laid to rest on 23 August 1923. Samuel Maharero is one of Namibia's Heroes and lead the uprising in 1904 against German colonial rule. Each year at this time the Herero people gather here wearing traditional dress and pay homage to their deceased Chiefs.
Okahandja Wood Carvers' Market Okahandja is the home to 2 of the largest wood carver markets in Namibia. The Curio stalls can be seen an both the south entrance to the town and to the northern side nearby where the B1 and B2 road. You can buy just about anything wooden here from attractive polished fruit bowls to carved animals and even canoes. Be prepared to do get involved in some heavy bargaining if you pay these vibrant markets a visit
Otjiwarongo & District Attractions
Otjiwarongo Accommodation Map of Otjiwarongo Otjiwarongo  
Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch


Otjiwarongo Crocodile Ranch. If you haven't seen a  Crocodylus niloticus for some time, then here is your chance to refresh your memory, plus they have a restaurant here that can serve you with a variety of dishes made from fresh Crocodile meat. As for the live ones, well like in most other 'zoos' or even in the wild, the adults just seem to bask in the sun and lay as still as logs of wood - waiting for some careless being to wander their way. Time budget 1hr
 31  Waterberg Resort: Set at the foot of the massive and picturesque Waterberg Plateau, this is well worth a stay-over. There are hiking trails and plenty of wild life and birds to be seen. There are guided game drives onto the plateau. The views are spectacular. I wasn't impressed with the lack of variety of game that I saw up there, but I was surprised to see so many large Sable Antelope. It's a good place to relax and 'get away from it all'. Time budget 8hr +     Direction Map
Otavi & District Attractions
Otavi Accommodation Map of Otavi Otavi  
Signing of the Treaty of Khorab  17   The Khorab Monument: This is at the place known as Kilometre 500 where on 9 July 1915 the German forces in South West Africa surrendered to the Union Of South Africa's General Louis Botha thus ending hostilities within the colony. It's difficult to find the memorial as some of the streets in Otavi have no signs, so make use of the Map of Otavi. Directions on the  Map of Otavi

Time budget 1hr

Gaub Cave Namibia  14   Gaub Cave located on the historical Farm Ghaub. The cave is not 'tourist friendly', however, the 'Cavies' amongst you will not want to miss this-one. Be prepared for an amount of rock-hopping, so good boots are a must. Not for the Claustrophobic. Guided Tours only and I recommend you make a booking in advance. Time budget 2-3hr  Direction Map 
Grootfontein District Attractions
Grootfontein Accommodation Map of Grootfontein Grootfontein  

Old German Fort Grootfontein. Now The Museum

The "Old German Fort" in Grootfontein houses an interesting Museum that have over the years accumulated and amazing collection of old machinery. You can se how wagon wheels were made and a host of other equipment that the early farmers used to build up this country. There is a Himba exhibition along with mineral collections, and even an old English Steam Roller that is in working condition. Time budget 1-2 hr.
Hoba Meteorite

 15   Hoba Meteorite. It weighs-in at over 60 ton, is approximately 3 meters square and about 1 meter in depth. It contains about 82% iron and 16% nickel. It fell to earth about 80,000 years ago, and is the largest known-of metal meteorite in the world. When it came-in to land it didn't cause any crater to be formed, so it probably had a very low trajectory and 'bounced' to its final landing site on the Farm Hoba. National Heritage Site. Camping Available. Time budget 1hr  Direction Map

Baobab Tree 1063 Grootfontein Namibia  13   Baobab Tree (number 1063) is located on the Farm Keibeb, which is about 60km north of Grootfontein on gravel roads. If you haven't seen a Big Baobab tree, and want to, it's well worth the effort. Baobab Trees play an important roll in African legend and daily life. The tree's various parts can be used for medicinal and food purposes, and it's an awesome sight when you see 'your first Baobab'  towering over the surrounding bush. Time budget 1hr  Direction Map
Tsumeb & District Attractions
Tsumeb Accommodation Map of Tsumeb Tsumeb  
Lake Otjikoto Namibia  12  Lake Otjikoto. It is an unusual geological feature, being a limestone cap about the size of a foot-ball filed that collapsed into the massive and deep water filled karst-cave system that runs for quite some distance under the ground in this area. It is into this lake that, prior to surrender, the Germans dumped the their weapons and Field-Guns in 1915. There's a small zoo, restaurant and lots of interesting collections at this site. Well worth a visit. Time Budget 1-2 hr   Direction Map
Krupp Machine Gun Tsumeb Museum  TM   Tsumeb Museum: This is at the eastern end of the Main Street. The majority of self drive tourists don't know about the Museum and pass it by, and it really is a 'Must See'.   This is where you can see some of the Kaiser's Cannons that were  recovered from Lake Otjikoto and refurbished by the Old TCL Mine. There is also an excellent mineral sample collection from the TCL MIne De Wet Shaft plus many other items of interest. Time budget 1-2hr
Etosha National Park
Etosha Accommodation Halali Namutoni Okaukuejo Etosha Game Park

Namutoni Etosha. Eastern Tower of Old German Fort

Etosha Game Park. 2007 was the 100 year anniversary of the Park. The 3 rest camps: Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni have recently been upgraded by Namibia Wildlife Resorts and all reports we have received from visiting tourists have been very positive. Returning visitors have praised the improvements and service, so this is good news. Etosha is vast and unspoiled and rates at the forefront of Africa's premier game parks. It's a must see.  Time budget 2days+
Outjo District Attractions
Outjo Accommodation Map of Outjo Outjo  


Vingerklip Ugab River Outjo Namibia



 35   The Vingerklip, or Rock Finger is located in a now dry section of the Ugab River Bed. Formed by water erosion over a period of about 20 million years when the ancient Ugab was a powerful river with a high volume rate of flow that over time washed the softer material away. What remains of the sedimentary layers can clearly be seen in the side-walls of the Vingerklip, which protrudes some 35 meters above a conical debris mound. Time budget 1hr

Khorixas & District Attractions
khorixas Accommodation Khorixas    
Twyfelfontein Namibia Bushmen Rock Engravings  20   Twyfelfontein is not a town. It is a large Sandstone rock face with a shelf, on which can be found an unusual group of rock-formations etched by the desert winds. Twyfelfontein is also the location of the largest single display of Bushman Rock Engravings in the world. Over 2,500 depictions of animals, humans and strange and mystical glyphs on 200 rock slabs plus rock paintings. It is a National Heritage site and is subject to Guided Tours only.  Time budget 1-2 hr    Direction Map
Burnt Mountain Twyfelfontein Namibia  21   The Burnt Mountain: Unusual Geological phenomena. In prehistoric times organic material accumulated on the bottom of a lake bed. This was later covered by sedimentary deposits and buried. During the Break-up of Gondwana hot magma pushed upwards and when coming into contact with the organic material baked it. The remaining rock is quite colourful in certain sunlight conditions. Time budget 30min   Direction Map
Organ Pipes Twfelfontein Namibia  21    Organ Pipes: Unusual Geological feature similar to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. About 125 million years ago when Gondwana was dividing into Africa and South America the earth's crust in this region was subjected to a great up-thrusting of molten rock which formed into polygon shaped pipes owing to surrounding constrictions. Time budget 30 minutes.    Direction Map
Petrified Forest Namibia  22   Petrified Forest. The site is where a forest of ancient Cordaites Trees some 45 meters in height were deposited after having been torn up during a great deluge of water and being carried here some 260 million years ago. The trees were buried under sediments and eventually fossilized. The fossilized bark, wood grain and even tree rings can be seen. The detail of the fossilized wood is both clear and colourful. National Heritage Site, Guided Tours Only. Time budget 1-2 hr     Direction Map
Skeleton Coast Road C34
Skeleton Coast Park Ugab Gate Entrance Skeleton Coast Road C34 salt / gravel road runs from Swakopmund North 327kms along the Skeleton Coast to the T-Junction 10kms south of Torra Bay.

The Southern entrance to the Skeleton Coast Park  is at the Ugab River

From the T-Junction the D2302 continues north a further 133kms to Mowe Bay, alternatively you turn East onto the D39 which takes you to the Northern entrance to the Skeleton Coast Park is at the Springbokwasser Gate. To enter the Park you must buy a permit.

Henties Bay & District Attractions
Henties Bay Accommodation Henties Bay Tours Henties Bay Map Henties Bay
Cape Cross Namibia  24   Cape Cross: This is where, in January 1486, the Portuguese Explorer Diogo Co erected a Padrao (Stone Cross) on a high rocky outcrop to mark the furthest southerly point that Europeans had reached. There are 2 replica crosses at the site, the original cross was taken by the Germans in 1893 and is in Berlin. Cape Cross is also home to the world's largest Cape Fur Seal colony on any mainland. Visiting Hours 10h00 to 17h00 Time Budget 1hr

Swakopmund Accommodation Swakopmund Tours Map Swakopmund Swakopmund


Swakopmund, the Mole and Lighthouse


There's plenty to do and see in and around Swakopmund. Unless you have been here before, and  within the past ten years, you need to plan a three day minimum stay to make your visit worthwhile. Swakopmund is fully geared up to make your stay a pleasurable and interesting one, plus there's plenty of activities, such as sky-diving, camel riding, horse riding, hot air ballooning etc. It's all here.

 Attractions for this area can be accessed from links on the Swakopmund pages    more

Walvis Bay
Walvis Bay Accommodation Walvis Bay Tours Map of Walvis Bay Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay Inner Lagoon with Flamingos

Walvis Bay is Namibia's Premier Port and centre of our fishing industry, but this town has also geared up for tourism. The Wetland Bird Reserve is home to about 60,000 of Southern Africa's Flamingos. The Lagoon has proved itself to be one of the best places in the world for speed wind & Kite surfing with many records captured here. Take a  Dolphin & Seal cruises in the lagoon and get served some of the locally grown Oysters with champagne.     Attractions for this area can be accessed from links on the Walvis Bay pages    more

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