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The Water Holes in the Etosha National Park - Where to go and what to See

Aus: Good water hole. Here you should see black faced impala, elephant, gemsbok, kudu, springbok, zebra and even rhino.

Batia:  A good waterhole for viewing plains animals. Blue wildebeest, springbok and elephant can be found here.

Charitsaub: Popular water hole with plains animals - springbok, gemsbok, plus cheetah

Chudob: Fed by an artesian fountain this waterhole has a floating reed island. You should find Eland here along with Giraffe, Elephant, Warthog and Black Faced Impala.

Gemsbokvlakte: A good waterhole for viewing in the dry months. Attracts a variety of game including elephant and lion.

Homob: Close to the edge of the pan

Goas: Lots of animals visit this water hole. Black faced impala, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, elephant, lion, zebra and birds of prey.

Groot Okevi: Ground water level spring. Elephant, Gemsbok, Kudu, even cheetah and Leopard.

Helio: Small waterhole, but you can often find elephant and small game here.

Kalkheuvel: A favoured water hole of photographers. You can get good close-ups of the animals at this busy water hole. Lots of game, and also birds such as bateleur eagle, black breasted snake eagle, tawny eagle and the black (yellow billed) kite.

Kapupuhedi: Not so popular as the water hole dries up.

Klein Okevi: Ground water level spring. Black Faced Impala, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Kudu, Gemsbok, Zebra and even Cheetah can be seen here.

Klein Namutoni: An artesian spring about 2km south of the camp. Good game viewing especially early morning and late afternoon. Popular with Elephant, Giraffe, Kudu, Gemsbok, Kudu, Black Faced Impala, Zebra. Don't miss taking a tour around Dikdik drive where you have a good chance of spotting the tiny and often elusive Damara Dik-dik.

Koinkas: Fed by an artesian fountain is reasonably frequented by game

Namutoni: An artesian spring on the western side of the camp. Dense reeds. Not many animals come here.

Ngobib: The water hole is in a hollow. Not very visible, but does attract Elephant, gemsbok, kudu zebra cheetah and leopard.

Noniams: Better spending your time at Goas which is close by.

Nuamses: Close to the edge of the pan this water hole attracts plains animals and elephant.

Okaukuejo: One of the main reasons why visitors choose to overnight at Okaukuejo is the close proximity of this busy waterhole and the busy nigh-time activity around it. The viewing platform is about 50 metres from the hole which is floodlit after dark and you are guaranteed some excellent views of the various animals as they come down to drink.

Okondeka: On the edge of the pan this water hole is frequented by the plains animals. You might see giraffe and even lion here.

Okerfontein: A strong cantact spring on the edge of the pan. Not very popular, but lion and cheetah can sometimes be seen there.

Olifantsbad: Attractive mopane veld. Good variety of game including elephant, lion, black nosed impala, red hartebeest, gemsbok, kudu, zebra.

Ombika: A good waterhole visited by a variety of animals.

Ondongab: Not so popular as the water hole dries up.

Rietfontein: Very popular and large water hole frequented by springbok, elephant, lion along with nearly all the species found in the park, including leopard. It's a little far from the road for photographers, but a must visit.

Salvadora: Popular water hole with plains animals - springbok, gemsbok,

Springbokfontein: Not very popular.

Sueda: Popular water hole with plains animals - springbok, gemsbok,

Tsumcor: Busy waterhole. You should see plenty of animals here. Good photography

Twee Palms: Picturesque, Makalani Palms, don't miss the closing gate at Namutoni.



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