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Map of Namibia. All the Namibia Maps you need. Accurate Digital Maps of Namibia Roads and Towns updated in cooperation with the local authorities.

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Map of Namibia Road and Town Street Maps version 2013

Namibia Maps Designed For Computer Users

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This is a Namibia-1on1 Group Information Site: You can find all the information you need about Namibia here. The sites' layouts are logical, user friendly and functional. It's never been so easy to find information about Namibia. Namibia Accommodation Air Namibia Timetable Business Information Site Namibia Hunting Directory Tourism Directory
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At Your Service:  Don’t forget to drop us an email should you consider there are any areas that you would like to see us make improvements.


Maps of Namibia road maps are scaled at 1: 2,000,000. The map pages have been sized to suit a computer audience, and the area shown on each  map has, where possible, been selected to show the most popular road routes. This has called for an amount  of over-

lapping of pages which makes it easier for the user identification of area when moving onto the associating map pages.


Quick Navigation Panel

The Whole Map of Namibia is divided into road user friendly sized sections.  Every page is equipped with:

  • A Quick Navigation Panel, as seen at left, with hot-spot links to the map page you want.

  • Alternative Navigation Buttons above and below the Map Images
Sample Navigation Buttons
  • Links to Namibia Town Street Maps
  • Distance Table and Place Names Index
Access Maps by Text Links
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Map of Namibia Page Structure: The map sections have an index grid. The thin blue lines, both parallel and vertical also correspond with the degree lines of latitude and longitude. The associating degrees are indicated on the gray map border. The grids are identified by the letters A-O

Sample Map Grid

horizontally (West to East); and numbers 1 – 12 vertically (North to South).


There are "Namibia Place Names pages" listing all of the towns in Namibia. In the event of you knowing the name of a Namibian town, but not knowing where it is situated in the country you can easily find the location. For example: the Map of Namibia Place Name page indicates Swakopmund as having the reference  D6 . You can quickly navigate to the correct grid section by using the page continuation buttons.



Map of Namibia Erongo Map Example

On this Map of Namibia sample section of the coastal towns you can see they are in the Erongo Region. They can be reached by driving the B2 tarred road. Distances between the towns are marked in bold red. On the sample map section it can be seen that the distance from Swakopmund to Usakos is 145km. The faint green lines represent the borders of a national park. At the side of the C28 road you can read that driving in these areas of the park require you to have a permit. We hope we have made the maps easy for you to both understand and use. For travel purposes I have had my pdf print-out copies laminated back to back. As a driver I find the size convenient to use. I don’t have the problem of having to fold a full sized map, and even if my hands are dirty and sweaty from having just returned from having spent some time hiking in the bush or desert, my maps stay in good and usable condition.





The search facility at the top of the pages allows you to search all the Namibia-1on1 sites and is quite powerful. For example if you entered the search term "Luderitz"  The search results page will indicate all pages containing the term Luderitz, which gives you quick access to virtually all the information you will need from A to Z.  We think you will find this a time saving and useful working tool. 


Tour Route Maps:   We have also compiled a list of the most popular tour routes presently travelled in Namibia along with suggested itineraries and show you all the attraction points along the routes and stop over places. There are further links to local accommodation, guided tours, etc. In fact, all the info you need to plan a successful holiday in Namibia... and get the most out of it. Even if you're planning a self-drive holiday you'll need to check up on what activities and tours are available and this is the site where you will find the info.


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